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  • What is the Streamline E-Learning Platform?

    1. This is Stre@mline’s user resource center. 
    2. Stre@mline clients can use it to self-learn and better their understanding of stre@mline products thus enabling them to achieve more from our collaborative tools and software systems. 
    3. On the platform, users will also find other materials and resources for capacity building in areas of clinical care, finance, community health scheme setup, mobilization, and management. 

    What to expect from Streamline E-Learning Platform?

    1. Course Enrollment. 

    2. Learning Materials i.e., courses, and topics. 

    3. Course progress status tracking 

    4. Assessments in the form of structured Questions, Quizzes 

    5. User recognition with Badges and Certificates.

    6. User Engagement through Discussion group forums. 

    7. Polling and voting 

    8. In-platform communication via notifications, and chats. 

    9. Store Private files. 

    10. Personal calendar 

    Streamline E-Learning Platform Documentation

    If it's your first time, You can Download the Instructor's Notes  to get started